emazys solar photovoltaic test equipment

Solar Panel Test Equipment

Developer of advanced solar panel testing solutions

We are a Danish developer of photovoltaic (PV) test equipment; specialised in cutting-edge instruments for troubleshooting. With a focus on innovation, we offer instruments that help the modern PV technician in the field.

Our main offering is the Z200 PV Analyzer. The unit is based on a patent protected technology, that allows to detect and locate faults in the early state.

The troubleshooter for solar energy – Z200 PV Analyzer

Locate earth faults, series faults etc.

Voc, Isc, Riso, Rs and Rsh

Find intermittent faults

Tone generator and amp probe

Save as many files as you need

Operated over WiFi


How to test solar panels.

How to test solar panels

When the String Tester application is activated, the Z200 Analyzer will set up a series of measurements based on deriving the basic solar cell impedance, which gives the user a fast overview of the general health state of the PV module string under test.
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Find disconnects in PV strings.

Unmasking the common MC4 connector faults in PV Systems

Photovoltaic disconnect finder The Z200 PV Analyzer is multi-function tester, that can also be used to measure the position of a disconnect in a string of solar PV modules.
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Ground faut detection in photovoltaic strings

How to find photovoltaic ground faults

According to the Photovoltaic Systems textbook (published by NJATC), a solar PV ground fault is “the condition of current flowing through the grounding conductor.”
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