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Solar PV testing kit

Save time and money with the Z100


Solar PV Test Equipment from EmaZys Technologies is designed with troubleshooting and fault detection in mind. Often Solar PV technicians most spend hours in the field looking for tiny and almost invisible faults in solar PV installations.

Using the Z100 PV Analyzer from EmaZys Technologies can greatly reduce the time consumption associated with solar installation service and maintenance. We offer free webinars for new customers. Please press the button below to reach our webinar page.

Stop wasting time looking for solar PV panel faults

The Z100 PV analyzer comes a s rugged and field-ready solar PV testing kit. The unique impedance based measurement technology allows the user to not only detect faults, but also to measure the position of the faults. The technology build in to the Z100 PV Analyzer is invented by EmaZys Technologies in Denmark.

The Z100 PV Analyzer is controlled from a smartphone or PC and the system is based on a browser software. The user of the Z100 is therefore free to save and share data directly from the field, while using his preferred data storage solution e.g. cloud share, SMS, email etc.