Solar PV Test Equipment

Photovoltaic testing kits for quick fault location

Photovoltaic Tester –
Z200 PV Analyzer

  • Complete kit for troubleshooting
  • Quick and easy fault identification
  • Standard PV testing included
  • Cloud connect for test result storage
  • Reporting and analysis included

Fast and easy fault location

  • Location of cable and connector breaks
  • Location of earth (Riso) faults
  • Mapping of PV array terminals and strings (tone pickup)
  • Energy performance testing
  • Impedance testing for revealing fire hazard

Click below to read more about earth fault (Riso) finding in PV – one of many Z200 PV Analyzer features!

Solar PV test and fault finding
Photovoltaic Ground Fault Finder

Diagnostic PV string testing

When the String Tester application is activated, the Z200 Analyzer will set up a series of measurements based on deriving the basic solar cell impedance, which gives the user a fast overview of the general health state of the PV system.