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Solar PV Test Equipment – made for troubleshooting

The Z200 PV Analyzer was designed for photovoltaic troubleshooting, diagnostics and O&M applications. The analyzer comes with a range of testing features to help solving in-field problems. The Z200 PV Analyzer has an ideal combination of relatively low cost and very high O&M test functionality, thus making it an ideal choice solar energy field staff.

Solar PV test and fault finding

Avoid team resource depletion

Avoid labour intense troubleshooting sessions. Trust the Z200 PV Analyzer to deliver fast and reliable fault location in solar panels strings.

Fault location

Actionable results

Time saving

Safe and robust

Works all year

Data cloud

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Testimonials and references

Photovoltaic string test

When the String Tester application is activated, the Z200 Analyzer will set up a series of measurements based on deriving the basic solar cell impedance, which gives the user a fast overview of the general health state of the PV module string under test.

Cable break location

Photovoltaic disconnect finder The Z200 PV Analyzer is multi-function tester, that can also be used to measure the position of a disconnect in a string of solar PV modules.

Photovoltaic ground fault finder

According to the Photovoltaic Systems textbook (published by NJATC), a solar PV ground fault is “the condition of current flowing through the grounding conductor.”

Mapping of unmarked PV arrays

The Z200 PV Analyzer may be used much like a conventional cable tester for PV modules. The Z200 can generate frequencies that can be picked up and heard, with a handheld pickup across all cables and modules in solar PV systems.