Solar PV Test Equipment

Z200 PV Analyzer - all you need for PV testing and fault finding

Solar Panel Testing Kit

Z200 PV Analyzer - designed for PV troubleshooting

The PV Analyzer Z200 is a portable and battery powered instrument used to detect and locate faults in strings of series connected photovoltaic modules. The instrument is connected to the string terminals e.g. at the string inverter or combiner box and also to the ground reference for the PV installation. 

Once connected and activated, it will perform impedance spectroscopy between any two of the three connected terminals, as well as measure the terminal voltages and currents flowing under various DC loads introduced by the instrument. By combining the results from these various measurements using the on-board computer, critical faults in the system can be defined and positioned.

Z200 PV Analyzer EmaZys - all accessories
Z200 PV Analyzer kit. Tough and robust enclosure ready for field usage. Comes with accesories to handle all testing situations. Operated over smartphone or computer via WiFi (tablet not included in kit).

Z200 PV Analyzer kit

  • Z200 PV Analyzer
  • RRC2054 Li-ion smart battery
  • RRC2054 Battery charger
  • Ideal tone pickup
  • PV testing leads, MC4 – banana
  • PV testing lead alligator clip – banana (GND)
  • PV testing leads, banana – banana
  • 2 x combiner box test probes and detachable alligator clips 
  • Tablet computer not included


The Z200 PV Analyzer is designed for troubleshooting and problem solving


The Z200 PV Analyzer saves you on average 2.5 hours per troubleshooting task


The Z200 PV Analyzer works well under low solar irradiance

IEC 62446

Watch our latest video on performance and safety testing

EmaZys ApS

EmaZys ApS is a Denmark based manufacturer of electrical solar test equipment. The instruments are designed for fast and convenient solar PV testing, and  troubleshooting. We believe in cost effective solar energy. The aim is to lower the total cost of energy, and to help our costumers to achieve the best possible return on investment. By using our accurate and reliable fault finding methods this can be achieved. Our newest product is the Z200 PV Analyzer. It offers many features and a strong and solution for fast solar PV fault troubleshooting. 

Customer feedback

The reporting and trending on the Emazys (Z200) is excellent. It is a very fast and effective testing methodology with very good output report!
The equipment (2 x Z200 PV Analyzer) is working perfectly, doing exactly what we need it to do. Overall we are really happy with it and appreciate the support also.
Using the Z100, we were able to detect and locate solar PV modules with defective bypass diodes faster than using an I-V tracer.
The Z100 PV Analyzer has fully lived up to my expectations and is now my preferred service instrument for troubleshooting solar PV installations.

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Solar Panel Testing Equipment

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EmaZys ApS is a Denmark based manufacturer of electrical solar test equipment. The instruments are designed for fast and convenient solar PV testing, and  troubleshooting. The aim is to lower the total cost of energy, and help our costumers in achieving the best possible ROI when investing in solar PV assets. EmaZys products meet the

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LHW partnership EmaZys Z200 solar tester

LHW Partnership

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn In late 2018 James Hoare from LHW Partnership contacted us to enquire more information about the new testing options offered by EmaZys. In early 2019 we shipped a Z200 PV Analyzer to James at LHW Partnership, and today James Hoare is using it

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EmaZys at SNEC Power expo

SNEC PV POWER EXPO 2018 in Shanghai

In collaboration with Global Science Instruments Co., Ltd. (GSI), we presented our fault finding PV Test Equipment at the SNEC PV POWER EXPO 2018 in Shanghai. Thanks to GSI for spreading the message in China. Global Science Instruments Co., Ltd.(GSI) is a professional trading company specializing in the market of Communication, Renewable Energy and Organic Semiconductor

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