Solar PV Test Equipment

for Troubleshooting

Why choose the Z200 PV Analyzer

Photovoltaic Testing Equipment from EmaZys is made with busy PV technicians in mind. The Z200 PV Analyzer kit is our main PV testing product. It is a rugged and field-ready solar PV testing kit.

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Unique impedance based measurement technology allows to both detect faults and measure the position.

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Standard PV testing also build in!

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Control PV tester from smartphone or PC.

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The PV test system is based on a browser user interface.

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Measure and save data directly in the field and save it to your preferred data storage solution.

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Find Solar PV Ground Faults

About EmaZys

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PV Troubleshooting

ELEKTRO ŽIBRET, Aleksander Žibret.s.p.
We tested your product Z200. Error detection has been simplified. In a few days of using, we eliminated quite a few errors and thus we increased the efficiency of PV systems. Detection of earth connections is very accurate and reliable. We are excited about the Z200 PV Analyzer.

Lep pozdrav,
Aleksander Žibret

Solar System Testing equipment to secure maximum ROI

Our aim is to make sure that solar PV Operations and Maintenance can be carried out with a reduced cost using our accurate and reliable fault finding methods. 
Our newest product is the Z200 PV Analyzer and it offers among many new features a strong and effective solution to fast solar PV ground fault troubleshooting. 


Often Solar PV Technicians must spend hours in the field looking for tiny and almost invisible faults in solar PV installations.
using EmaZys Solar PV Test Equipment can greatly reduce the time consumption associated with solar installation service and maintenance.
The EmaZys PV Analyzer measures the position of a range of critical and frequently observed PV system faults as well as a range of photovoltaic system health state paramteres and energy loss risk factors.
Solar PV Test Equipment from EmaZys is designed with troubleshooting and fault detection in mind.

Solar PV Test Equipment that works well under low light conditions

The EmaZys PV tester is therefore possible to perform O&M and service tasks in almost any weather. The EmaZys PV Analyzer records useful information in the field and typical faults are found within a few minutes after arriving at the PV system terminals. This increases productivity of the PV service team and leads to substantial intervention time reductions and savings.

Z200 PV Analyzer Graphical User Interface

The Z200 Solar PV Test Equipment is designed for effective solar PV testing and troubleshooting. We focus on the User Experience of the software interface. It has to be easy, and it has to fast. Once the Z200 PV Analyzer is turned on, you simply connect to the instrument WiFi hot spot using your device of choice. When online with the unit, you write Z200/ in your browser, and you are ready to start testing. A variety of browsers will work, and you may use almost any device for control e.g. iPhone, iPad, Samsung/Android, PC, MAC, LINUX.

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