EUDP project 2022 – press release

The Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP) has decided to support the project: Digitalisation of Photovoltaic Operations.EUDP is a program under the Danish Energy … Read more

String Test Application Note

This application note is based on the combined research and development efforts established by Dr. Ronni Basu, Dr. Daniel Hamkens, and Dr. Anders
Rand Andersen. The document is intended for supporting the application of the emazys Z200 PV Analyzer (Z200) – String Test mode. The String Test is a preprogrammed test sequence designed to assess the performance, safety, and health of PV panel strings.

Photovoltaic Ground Fault Finder

According to the Photovoltaic Systems textbook (published by NJATC), a solar PV ground fault is “the condition of current flowing through the grounding conductor.”

Wire tracer & circuit tester for solar PV systems

The Z200 PV Analyzer may be used much like a conventional cable tester for PV modules. The Z200 can generate frequencies that can be picked up and heard, with a handheld pickup across all cables and modules in solar PV systems.

Impact of Isolation Resistance Faults in Photovoltaics

A photovoltaic (PV) array is an investment that is not subject to wear. This hypothesis might have persisted for years, however, this does not make it tenable: even carefully planned and executed arrays need monitoring, an occasional inspection, and, at times, repairs. Jochen Siemer, PHOTON International 2016.

LHW Partnership

In late 2018 James Hoare from LHW Partnership contacted us to enquire more information about the new testing options offered by EmaZys. In early 2019 we shipped a Z200 PV Analyzer to James at LHW Partnership, and today James Hoare is using it in the field along with his arsenal of solar testing equipment. In this post, we share some stories and insights from the field and we highlight the relevance, of fast and reliable solar array fault finding.

Solar PV Operations and Maintenance – 5 easy steps to optimize

Solar Photovoltaic Operations & Maintenance (O&M) companies can benefit from analyzing the service cost base. The competition is tough these days and the question is whether the business can be made more profitable. In this blog, you will read about 5 easy steps where costs may be reduced. Solar PV O&M companies can sharpen the competitive edge and even increase earnings.