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Isolation resistance faults in photovoltaics

Impact of Isolation Resistance Faults in Photovoltaics

A photovoltaic (PV) array is an investment that is not subject to wear. This hypothesis might have persisted for years, however this does not make it tenable: even carefully planned and executed arrays need monitoring, an occasional inspection and, at times, repairs. Jochen Siemer, PHOTON International 2016. Adding to the statement of Jochen Siemer we

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Venture capital for solar power

New Capital for Green Growth

The global solar energy company, EmaZys, has expanded its ownership and has received substantial funding for its continued growth and expansion. The experienced investors Torben Frigaard Rasmussen and Søren Offer Madsen, together with their partners Johnny Killerup and Lars Bruntse, have engaged in EmaZys with an ambitious growth strategy. From left: Johnny Killerup, Anders Rand

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LHW partnership EmaZys Z200 solar tester

LHW Partnership

In late 2018 James Hoare from LHW Partnership contacted us to enquire more information about the new testing options offered by EmaZys. In early 2019 we shipped a Z200 PV Analyzer to James at LHW Partnership, and today James Hoare is using it in the field along with his arsenal of solar testing equipment. In

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Solar PV operations and maintenance

Solar PV Operations and Maintenance – 5 easy steps to optimize

Solar Photovoltaic Operations & Maintenance (O&M) companies can benefit from analyzing the service cost base. The competition is tough these days and the question is whether the business can be made more profitable. In this blog you will read about 5 easy steps where costs may be reduced. Solar PV O&M companies can sharpen the

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Potential Induced Degradation testing method

Potential Induced Degradation Test Method

Photovoltaic PID Testing Potential-induced degradation (PID) is a failure mode in solar cells caused by voltage stress on the PID module. PID can affect both crystalline and thin film modules, to an extent depending on material and environmental. Often manufacturers promise PID free solar cells but still this solar degradation is observed in the field. In this

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EmaZys - Lars-Løkke-Rasmussen

Prime Minister of Denmark went to visit EmaZys Technologies

On 25th of August 2017 Prime Minister of Denmark Lars Løkke Rasmussen went to open the brand new Resilience House building in Vejle, Denmark. Before the formal opening, the Prime minister took the time to pay EmaZys Technologies a visit, and learn about our newest products and our business in general. Recently we announced the

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Rufus Gifford EmaZys

The American Ambassador visits EmaZys Technologies

The American Ambassador, Rufus Gifford, attended as ‘honoured guest’ in connection with the imminent launch of our PV Analyzer Z100. The Ambassador was given a brief introduction to the product, after which founder of EmaZys, Anders Rand Andersen, presented a case that could demonstrate the unique advantages of the Z100, when it comes to detecting

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Solar Park Vandel

Vandel Airbase 75 MWp Solar Power Plant

Today, Energi-Innovation and EmaZys performed a maintenance check at Vandel Airbase 75 MWp Solar Power Plant in Denmark – the largest solar PV system in Scandinavia. The agenda was to check a number of solar PV strings, and make sure that all components of the huge power plant were operating to specifications. Vandel Airbase 75

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