Helios Solar Operations & Maintenance

Helios Solar energy

Following my purchase of the Emazys Z200, I’d like to explain why I have purchased it.Initially, I had been made aware of the fault-finding capabilities by James Hoare, who has used the Emazys Z200 for a couple of years now.I was drawn to it due to my work within the UK solar industry and the …

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LHW Partnership

LHW partnership - solar testing expert

In late 2018 James Hoare from LHW Partnership contacted us to enquire more information about the new testing options offered by EmaZys. In early 2019 we shipped a Z200 PV Analyzer to James at LHW Partnership, and today James Hoare is using it in the field along with his arsenal of solar testing equipment. In …

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Vandel Airbase 75 MWp Solar Power Plant

Solar Park Vandel

Today, Energi-Innovation and EmaZys performed a maintenance check at Vandel Airbase 75 MWp Solar Power Plant in Denmark – the largest solar PV system in Scandinavia. The agenda was to check a number of solar PV strings and make sure that all components of the huge power plant were operating to specifications. Vandel Airbase 75 …

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