Collaboration with Grenke LEASING

Why should you lease the Z200 PV Analyzer?

Today’s solar PV O&M businesses are under pressure to innovate in order to maintain their competitive edge and follow contract demands. To meet this need, we now offer to lease our innovative solar PV testing instruments in 32 countries.

  • Leasing accelerates the effective tax-related life cycle, allowing you to keep your technology fresh
  • By introducing the Z200 PV Analyzer at an earlier stage, leasing makes you more responsive to market needs
  • Greater flexibility, not only in terms of test equipment but more importantly in terms of your finances
  • You avoid tying up capital
  • You can maintain maintain liquidity
  • When you lease you are no longer tied to lengthy depreciation periods.
leasing solar test equipment

Get in contact if you have questions about leasing the EmaZys Z200 PV Analyzer.   

Solar PV Test Equipment - Z200 PV Analyzer EmaZys - all accessories - angled view
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