Q: What is the price for the Z200 PV Analyzer?
A: Contact us now, and we will send a quotation including shipping and any auxiliary items requested – contact

Q: Do you have a copy of the Z200 PV Analyzer user manual?
A: Sure. You can download it here

Q: What is the Z200 WiFi hot-spot password?
A: Xoplag10

Q: Do you have any report examples I can study before I buy the Z200 PV Analyzer?
A: Sure. You can download them here

Q: What is in the Z200 PV Analyzer standard kit?
A: Unless you ask for other other accesoires or special items, we will ship:

Z200 PV Analyzer
RRC2054 Li-ion Smart Battery
RRC2054 Battery charger
PV testing leads, MC4 – banana, Ø4, 1000 V, 19 A – CE – CAT III (red, minus & black, plus)
PV testing lead, MC crocodile – banana, Ø4, 1000 V, 32 A – CE – CAT III (yellow/green – GND/ground connector)

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