New Capital for Green Growth

The global solar energy company, EmaZys, has expanded its ownership and has received substantial funding for its continued growth and expansion. The experienced investors Torben Frigaard Rasmussen and Søren Offer Madsen, together with their partners Johnny Killerup and Lars Bruntse, have engaged in EmaZys with an ambitious growth strategy.

EmaZys ownership
From left: Johnny Killerup, Anders Rand Andersen, Torben Frigaard Rasmussen, Søren Offer Madsen, Lars Bruntse. Credits: © krebs FOTOGRAFI & FILM
EmaZys new investment
Signing of investment documents. Credits: © krebs FOTOGRAFI & FILM

EmaZys is headquartered in Odense and is a technology company that optimizes the operation of larger solar energy plants with patented technology for tracking faults, deficiencies, and weaknesses in the plants.

Their technology is sold in a specially designed box, which is already used in over 25 countries.

The founders Anders Rand Andersen, Ronni Basu, and Daniel Hamkens all have Ph.D. degrees in physics and look forward to working with experienced business people.

“We see the development in the solar energy market follows the development in the wind energy market, where the focus has shifted from new installations to optimization of operations. We have had good success with our product for optimizing operations and have positive growth, but our major expansion requires capital and experienced business people with knowledge of scaling and internationalization. We have ensured this with the new owners “, says Anders Rand Andersen.

Anders Rand Andersen will remain CEO, while Lars Bruntse and Johnny Killerup will join the Board of Directors and will be part of the day-to-day management as Working Chairman of the Board and COO, respectively. Ronni Basu and Daniel Hamkens remain in the investor circle.

The owner of Reffo Invest, Søren Offer Madsen, is pleased to be able to contribute to the continued green transition and to scaling and expansion.

“With annual growth of over 20% in the solar energy industry and continued increasing focus on the need for climate-friendly green energy, operational optimization will be high on the agenda of all solar energy producers. In general, the market for green energy will experience strong growth. The combination of our knowledge and experience in internationalization and scaling and the founders’ deep technical and practical insight into solar energy provides a fantastic starting point for a growth adventure ”.

Torben Frigaard Rasmussen supports this through his company TPC Management with a focus on an ambitious growth plan, which steers towards strong growth in the global market.

“We have a special focus on England, Germany and not least the United States. In the new group of owners, we have many years of experience from the American and European markets, and with strong partnerships, significant marketing, and a new sales manager, we expect significant growth in these markets ”.

EmaZys will have a new office in Odense and plans to hire 4-5 new employees, including sales manager and software developers, before the end of 2020.

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