Z300 PVT – 1500V / 30A

The Z300 Photovoltaic Tester & Troubleshooter (PVT) is a 1500 V  / 30 A multi function instrument for the modern PV technician. The instrument is capable of both testing and troubleshooting, and does it with unprecedented speed. The user may store test results as well as meta data (GPS, photos, time) via the Z300 controller app. 

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Testing features and functions

  • Measure open circuit voltage Voc
  • Measure short circuit current Isc
  • Polarity check
  • Measure isolation resistance Riso
  • Locate Riso fault position (when Riso < 3MΩ)
  • Build in tone generator to locate series faults
  • Operated via Bluetooth – seamless data capture through smart phone app
  • Capture test results as well as meta data (GPS coordinates, digital photos etc.)
  • Create and share detailed reports immediately


Choose a date, and sign up for an introduction to the Z300 PVT.

Z300 PVT controller – user screen examples

Z300 controller main screen.
Z300 controller settings menu.
Use GPS locations when
saving reports.
Z300 controller String test
results page (top view): read test data and enter additional information for reporting.
Z300 controller String test results page (bottom view) take pictures of the PV system under tester and save as PDF

Z300 PVT controller app preview

Additional information

Weight6 kg
Dimensions35 × 35 × 20 cm