Solar PV module impedance


In this blog post we will take a look at the electrical theory behind the different parameters that can be measured with the Z200 PV Analyzer. The String Tester relies on impedance measurements of the whole PV module string. When using the PV Analyzer we consider the electrical impedance of a system as a complex … Read more

SNEC PV POWER EXPO 2018 in Shanghai

EmaZys SNEC 2018

In collaboration with Global Science Instruments Co., Ltd. (GSI), we presented our fault finding PV Test Equipment at the SNEC PV POWER EXPO 2018 in Shanghai. Thanks to GSI for spreading the message in China. Global Science Instruments Co., Ltd.(GSI) is a professional trading company specializing in the market of Communication, Renewable Energy and Organic Semiconductor … Read more

Potential Induced Degradation Test Method

Check PID

PID Testing Potential-induced degradation (PID) is a failure mode in solar cells caused by voltage stress on the PID module. PID can affect both crystalline and thin film modules, to an extent depending on material and environmental. Often manufacturers promise PID free solar cells but still this solar degradation is observed in the field. In this post … Read more

Collaboration with Converdan Engineering

EmaZys Technologies and  Converdan A/S have recently committed to a collaboration regarding development and manufacturing. Converdan A/S has a long term experience in development and production of power electronics, and it is hence an ideal partner for Emazys Technologies. Converdan serve customers across a broad range of industries, with products spanning from 1-watt power supplies … Read more

Ground Fault Detector, Megger Test and whatnot.

A photovoltaic array is an investment that is not subject to wear. This hypothesis might have persisted for years, however this does not make it tenable: even carefully planned and executed arrays need monitoring, an occasional inspection and, at times, repairs. Jochen Siemer, PHOTON International 2016 The above statement from Jochen Heimer seems to be … Read more

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