Refund and Returns Policy

Support and Repair Services Process

For technical issues, please contact emazys or call.
Please make note of the serial number of your equipment and have this information available when contacting support.

If our technical support is not able to resolve the problem remotely and you must return your equipment for repair, you will be notified via email with the case number and return shipping instructions.

No returns will be accepted without a case number (obtain from Technical Support).

Shipping equipment to Solmetric for repair, and the return shipping cost once repairs are complete, is paid for by customer.

Once arriving at our repair facility the equipment will be evaluated, and determined if it is an in-warranty or out of warranty repair. Customer will be notified of the cost to repair.

For products returned for warranty service, the Buyer shall pay for shipping charges to send the product to the repair center, and the repair center shall pay for shipping charges to return the product to the Buyer.

Please note: the Buyer shall pay all round-trip shipping charges, duties, and taxes for products returned to the repair center from a country outside Denmark.

For product warranty information please review each products user’s guide and manuals.

Processing time begins once repairs are approved by the customer. If customer does not approve repairs or we have not received customer approval in 60 days after sending the repair estimate, we will ship the equipment back to the return address.