Solar panel voltmeter and polarity check with the Z100 PV analyzer

The Z100 PV Analyzer has a build in voltage testing procedure, that determines the open circuit voltage of the solar panel system connected to the instrument. The reading of the Z100 voltmeter also shows the polarity of the connected terminals.

Solar digital voltmeter

Accurate testing of the solar panel system voltage is essential, to determine the health and performance condition of a solar panels system. Reductions in system voltage, will affect the power output, and lead to solar energy losses.

In any case where a low voltage is measured under full sunlight irradiation, the instrument operator can immediately choose any of the Z100 PV Analyzer diagnostics features. In the case of discrete faults like ground faults or e.g. cable disconnects, such faults may be detected and positioned directly by means of a single measurement. It is therefore not necessary to inspect individual panels to find faults.

  • Accurate voltage measurements for solar PV systems
  • Determination of polarity
  • Operated via WiFi using smart phone or PC
  • Max voltage: 1000 Volts DC
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