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O&M Strategies can Improve Plant Performance and Maximise Yield from your Assets

O&M Strategies can improve yield from your PV Assets. This is true, but the economic result of solar PV maintenance and troubleshooting work, often depends on understanding solar PV system components. How do they actually work? What should I do when troubleshooting?

Key Takeaways

  • Understand how PV modules perform in actual PV installations
  • Understand the mechanims behind energy losses in solar PV systems


Webinar topics


  • Silicon PV module assembly and circuit
  • Energy efficiency and Standard Test Conditions (STC)
  • Understand bypass diode (BPD) functionality
  • Troubleshooting faulty PV module strings using the Z100 PV Analyzer
  • Webinar language: English
  • Target group: O&M, EPC, solar panel installers and PV consultants