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We tested your product Z200. Error detection has been simplified. In a few days of using, we eliminated quite a few errors and thus we increased the efficiency of PV systems. Detection of earth connections is very accurate and reliable. We are excited about the Z200 PV Analyzer.

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Aleksander Žibret



Conergy Services GmbH (now Greentech) uses the Z100 PV Analyzer for solar PV operations and maintenance

Jens Kahnert, Conergy Services GmbH

Conergy is one of the largest downstream solar companies n the world. Conergy is a company in the solar PV industry providing project development competence, financing solutions, EPC and extensive high class O&M services: The company has more than 1300 MW installed globally. Conergy was founded in the year 1998 by Hans-Martin Rüter.

Astersico Energia


Using the Z100, we were able to detect and locate solar PV modules with defective bypass diodes faster than using an I-V tracer.
Alessio Damiani, CEO of Asterisco Tech s.r.l.

Finding broken solar PV bypass diodes in solar photovoltaic (PV) systems

Residential rooftop PV string of 16 modules reported with very low performance but it was not possible to identify the origin of the malfunction – Asterisco Energia was given the job to solve the problem. The Z100 found 4 panels out of 16 with bypass diode malfunction.


  • Only 4 modules uninstalled and reinstalled instead of 16.
  • No need to rent a lift
  • Work time with Z100: 1 hour
  • Work time without Z100: 18 hours
  • The manufacturer replaces the four defective modules under warranty  

Using the Z100, we could reduce the cost for the repair. It is a rooftop installation and the modules are fully integrated into the roof, so to inspect all the diodes we would have had to uninstall all 16 modules without the Z100. To solve the problem, we decided to replace the four defective modules, which we were able to locate thanks to the Z100.

Ground mount solar PV power plant in Italy – 500kWp

During the 6-month ordinary PV maintenance intervention, for some modules it was noticed that one third of the cells had a higher temperature than the rest of the module. A problem on the bypass diodes in the modules was suspected!

The Z100 PV Analyzer was used to check the modules to see if it could detect any failure. The junction boxes of the modules were sealed and could not be opened to check the diodes, so in this case the Z100 PV Analyzer was very useful to find the modules with broken solar module bypass diodes.

Cost of service and testing
Estimated working time for fault localization on 80 Strings, WITHOUT the PV Analyzer Z100:

  • 16 hours

Actual working time for fault localization on 80 Strings, WITH the PV Analyzer Z100:

  • 8 hours

Labor costs:    70 €/hour (for 2 persons)

Total savings using the PV Analyzer Z100 = (16– 8) x 70  =     560 €

Using the Z100, we were able to detect and locate solar PV modules with defective bypass diodes faster than using an I-V tracer and so we reduced the cost for the repairs. Using the IR camera could sometimes be faster BUT only during a sunny day AND only for the detection of shorted diodes, not open ones.

Alessio Damiani, CEO of Asterisco Tech s.r.l.

AB Electric Danmark


Compliment for the Z100 instrument. We spent approximately 1 hour locating and replacing the broken panel. It was panel 4 showing significant water intrusion leading to a ground fault. The Z100 saved us 8-10 hours of fieldwork.

Steen Matschke, Electrician

solar test equipment


Kenn H. B. Frederiksen is the  owner of Kenergy, and he has worked in the energy sector for 23 years and has 20 years of experience in photovoltaics. Kenergy is occupied within energy-related projects, R&D activities and demonstrations of future energy solutions. The company also offers consulting and O&M services in the energy field, both nationally and internationally.

I have used the PV Analyzer Z100 from EmaZys for 5-6 months already, for troubleshooting tasks on Photovoltaic systems. The Z100 PV Analyzer has fully lived up to my expectations and is now my preferred service instrument for troubleshooting solar PV installations. The peculiarity of the Z100 PV Analyzer is that this instrument can both diagnose error types, which other instruments cannot detect, and indicate the position of the defective components. Furthermore, I would like to highlight the built-in report generator, which is also of great help.

Kenn H. B. Frederiksen, CEO

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