The American Ambassador visits EmaZys Technologies

The American Ambassador, Rufus Gifford, attended as ‘honoured guest’ in connection with the imminent launch of our PV Analyzer Z100. The Ambassador was given a brief introduction to the product, after which founder of EmaZys, Anders Rand Andersen, presented a case that could demonstrate the unique advantages of the Z100, when it comes to detecting faults in PV systems.

The Ambassador was give the task of carrying out fault finding on a photovoltaic system using the Z100. He was very excited about the accuracy of the PV Analyzer as well as the easy of use in the troubleshooting itself.

Subsequently, the Ambassador corrected the fault in the system, so it could once again run optimally.

The development of solar panels is increasing markedly in the United States. According to the Ambassador, this will eventually lead to an increase in the need for service on photovoltaic systems, thus making the Z100 an extremely attractive product.

Rufus Gifford testing solar PV modules

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