Solar panel mapping tool

Solar panel mapping tool

While traditional electrical test equipment, such as voltmeters, have proven invaluable in various applications, they fall short when it comes to identifying and mapping the layout of individual components within a solar PV system. The challenges posed by faulty module strings undergoing service interventions thus demand tools, that can identify the layout of systems and point out where issues are hidden.

The Z200 PVA and the Z300 PVT both come with the tone generator and amplifier probe method. The tone generator and amplifier probe solution allows to identify disconnection faults. But it also makes it easy to confirm which cable, that belongs to a certain PV module. Without a dedicated tool such as the Z300 PVT, this task can actually be difficult and highly time consuming.

Z200 PVA and Z300 PVT has the capability to emit specific frequencies into the terminals of PV systems. And with the handheld tone generator, these frequencies can easily be picked up by the technician who can simply walk along the assembly of components and trace the signal – see the video animation below.

Inefficient Solar Panel Mapping

Attempting to map connections in a solar PV system can be a complex puzzle without the right tools. The Z200 PVA and Z300 PVT offers a comprehensive solution by simplifying the mapping process. Its tone generator, when combined with the pickup, provides real-time confirmation of connected PV strings, an efficiency standard test equipment cannot match.