Vandel Airbase 75 MWp Solar Power Plant

Today, Energi-Innovation and EmaZys performed a maintenance check at Vandel Airbase 75 MWp Solar Power Plant in Denmark – the largest solar PV system in Scandinavia. The agenda was to check a number of solar PV strings and make sure that all components of the huge power plant were operating to specifications.

Vandel Airbase 75 MWp Solar Power Plant. The power plant was taken into operation in late 2015. EmaZys Technologies provides testing equipment (Z100 PV Analyzer) for the daily maintenance and troubleshooting tasks found at this huge PV plant. As always, the mutual aim is to secure optimized energy yields and the best possible Return on Investment.

Fast troubleshooting and solar PV module bypass diode check

Whenever a specific solar PV system yield is not as expected, the task is usually to find problems fast and hence restore production. Simply put: when operating solar PV systems, avoid downtime. Solar PV Operations and maintenance thus include a list of different tasks, but perhaps some of the most time-consuming work is to locate various problems in long strings of solar PV modules. For this reason, Energi-Innovation (a company behind Vandel Airbase solar power plant) has chosen to use the Z100 PV Analyzer, to reduce time consumption associated with troubleshooting the Direct Current side of this huge solar PV system.

Among other features, the Z100 PV Analyzer “module test” feature came in handy today. Sometimes PV modules can visually appear to have sustained damage from e.g. hot spots. To check if the solar panel bypass diode is indeed functional (and thus protecting the panel from hot spots) the module is simply shaded during testing, and the Z100 user can immediately measure if the bypass diode is protecting the module. This test method works in cloudy environments, thus avoiding situations where testing and fault localization can not be conducted due to low irradiation. In general, the Z100 PV Analyzer is applicable down to about 100 W/m2.

EmaZys Technologies wish to express gratitude to Energi-Innovation for using the Z100 PV Analyzer in the daily solar PV park maintenance, as well as providing EmaZys Technologies an optimal field test opportunity at Vandel Airbase.