How to reduce photovoltaic fault finding time

A Webinar for Solar PV Technicians

We are here to help solar PV technicians

Solar power plants are growing in number and size across the world these years.
At the same time, solar energy must compete with other energy sources, so power plants must be productive whenever there is sunlight.
This puts a global pressure on technicians, since they must work harder and harder to ensure problem free operation.
At emazys we have developed a tool to help field technicians quickly locate issues in solar panels and cable assemblies. With this webinar we want to introduce the tool, and present a series of reference customer cases that can inspire others to speed up and get better returns from solar energy assets.

Webinar topics

Find PV ground faults in 2 minutes

Find PV disconnects in 1 minute

Basic testing of PV panel strings

Understand bypass diodes in solar panels

Plan interventions for a better ROI


Anders Rand Andersen CEO, physicist PhD
Anders has 10 years of experience within solar photovoltaics and 10 years of management experience. Anders was educated as PhD in physics at Danish Technological Institute and he is the founder CEO at emazys.

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