Z100 PV Analyzer – solar PV testing kit specifications and accessories


The Z100 PV Analyzer kit with accessories: MC4 measuring leads (positive and negative), Crocodile clip ground measuring lead, Shrouded banana safety measuring leads, Testing pins (red and black), Tone pickup  inc. 9V battery, USB charger and USB cable. Also includes the Z100 PV Analyzer user manual (not shown).

Instrument measurement features

  • Position of ground faults in PV strings
  • Position of disconnect in PV strings
  • PV string series resistance Rs
  • PV string string voltage Voc
  • PV system isolation resistance Riso
  • PV module bypass diode check
  • PV module shunting resistance (module/cell degradation)
  • Integrated timer function for periodic ground faults
  • Tone generator and tone tracer pickup
  • Build in PDF report generator
  • PV string impedance curves (health and degradation check)


Instrument specification and certifications

Inputs:PV+, PV- and GND. Shrouded banana 4 mm sockets (1 kV CAT III, 24A)
Voltage range:0-1000 V DC
Impedance measurements:100 Hz – 100 kHz
Ground isolation measurement:0 – 40 M Ω
Frequency accuracy:+/- 2 %
Frequency drift with temperature (0 – 35 Celsius):<0.1
Testing conditions:irradiation > 100 W/m2
Control:WiFi (operated via instrument homepage accessed with web browser)
Battery: 10Ah Lithium (6-8 hours of continuous operation)
Weight:4.5 kg
Dimensions: 34 x 29.5 x 15.2 cm (Pelican Protector 1400)