The Z100 PV Analyzer 

Solar PV testing equipment for troubleshooting and fault finding

Note: The Z200 PV Analyzer has taken over for the Z100 PV Analyzer.

The PV Analyzer Z100 is a portable and battery powered instrument used to detect and localize faults in
strings of series connected photovoltaic modules. Specifically, the instrument has the following features
and applications:

  • Ground faults testing i.e. RISO, location of singular ground faults, with programmable timer for extended ground fault testing
  • Photovoltaic module string impedance curve, for system health assessment
  • Open circuit voltage measurement
  • Disconnects in photovoltaic module strings e.g. in cables, connectors or bus-bars
  • Damaged bypass diodes, both short-circuited and open-circuited bypass diodes
  • Data can be saved and stored directly as PDF files for reporting and documentation
  • The instrument is connected to the string terminals e.g. at the string inverter or combiner box and also to the ground reference for the PV installation.

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