Z200 PV Analyzer is the next product from EmaZys Technologies

Since August 2015 EmaZys Technologies has offered and sold the Z100 PV Analyzer to customers around the world. Based on customer interactions with our international group of test users, we are now ready to reveal our next product – the Z200 PV Analyzer.
The Z200 relies on the same concept as the Z100:

→ connect the instrument to Solar Module String
→ press measure
→ detect and locate PV system fault under almost any level of solar irradiation
→ save the report
→ get the job done faster, and cut down Solar PV maintenance costs

News and features in the Z200 PV Analyzer

The Z200 covers all the known and popular features from the Z100 model, but we have added:

  1.  Short circuit current ISC
  2. Smart battery solution
  3. Improved Module test allowing to detect e.g. Potential Induced Degradation (PID) and broken bypass diodes
  4. Faster PDF report generation
  5. Z200 State Machine Software. The Z200 can automatically figure out the operating state of the PV system, and return the possible fault scenarios

2 thoughts on “Z200 PV Analyzer is the next product from EmaZys Technologies”

  1. I see you have a MacBook displaying the readings. Is your software Mac compatible across the board? If so, you are the only PV tester company I have found that is.
    This tester is truly stunning!

    • Hi Tony. The software interface is browser based. This means that almost any device that comes with WiFi connection and a browser (PC, Android phones, iPhones, Mac, iPad etc.) can be used as a controller unit for the Z200.
      You can see how to connect in the beginning of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TN4R7wcE6pw

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