Z200 PV Analyzer

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The PV Analyzer Z200 is a portable and battery powered instrument used to detect and locate faults in strings of series connected photovoltaic modules. The instrument is connected to the string terminals e.g. at the string inverter or combiner box and also to the ground reference for the PV installation. Once connected and activated, it will perform impedance spectroscopy between any two of the three connected terminals, as well as measure the terminal voltages and currents flowing under various DC loads introduced by the instrument. By combining the results from these various measurements using the on-board computer, critical faults in the system can be defined and positioned.

PV string voltage Voc
PV string current Isc
Voltage polarity
PV system isolation resistance Riso
PV string series resistance Rs
PV string impedance curves (overall degradation check)
Position of ground (Riso) faults in PV strings
Position of disconnect in PV strings
Tone generator and acoustic pickup for cable tracing
Module bypass diode check (open or short diode)
Module shunting resistance (PID and degradation check)
Module voltage check
Position of ground (Riso) faults in PV strings – monitoring mode
State machine algorithm to help the user analyse fault scenarios
Build in PDF report generator
Operate over WiFi using any device and WEB browser

Inputs:PV+, PV- and GND. Shrouded banana 4 mm sockets (1 kV CAT III, 24A)
Voltage range:
Current range:
0-1000 V DC
0-15 A DC
Impedance measurements:100 Hz – 100 kHz
Ground isolation measurement:0 – 40 M Ω
Frequency accuracy:+/- 2 %
Frequency drift with temperature (0 – 35 Celsius):<0.1
Testing conditions:irradiation > 100 W/m2
Control:WiFi (operated via instrument homepage accessed with web browser)
Standard Li-ion Smart Battery Pack RRC2054
(8 hours continuous operation).
Weight:4.5 kg
Dimensions:335x289x155(mm) (HPRC 2300 case)

The Z200 PV Analyzer runs on a Li-ion Smart Battery Pack: RRC2054 and comes with a charger. All Z200 PV Analyzers are shipped with 1 RRC2054 battery and 1 RRC2054 charger

Data sheet RRC2054 PDF

Manual RRC2054 PDF

Safety data sheet RRC2054 PDF

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