Z200 PV Analyzer

Solar PV Testing and

Solar PV test kit

The Z200 PV Analyzer from EmaZys is a unique instrument designed for solar PV testing and troubleshooting.

Z200 Standard Photovoltaic Measurements

  • PV string voltage Voc
  • PV string current Isc
  • PV system isolation resistance Riso
  • PV string series resistance Rs
  • PV string impedance curves (overall degradation check)

Z200 Fault Position measurements

  • Position of ground (Riso) faults in PV strings
  • Position of disconnect in PV strings
  • Tone generator and acoustic pickup for cable tracing

Z200 Single Module Measurements

  • Module bypass diode check (open or short diode)
  • Module shunting resistance (PID and degradation check)
  • Module voltage check

Z200 Special Software Features

  • State machine algorithm to help the user analyse fault scenarios
  • Integrated timer function for periodic ground faults
  • Build in PDF report generator
Z200 graphical User Interface

Layout of the Z200 PV Analyzer Graphical User Interface

The instrument is controlled using a WiFi based controller device such as a smart phone, Tablet computer or a PC. The instrument is controlled using a browser on the WiFi controller device of choice. this means that almost any Operating System (OS) may be used e.g. iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and LINUX/UNIX.

Specifications and accessories

The Z200 PV Analyzer std. kit includes

  • Z200 PV Analyzer
  • Tone Pickup
  • RRC2054 Battery
  • Battery charger
  • Needle pin test cables
  • Alligator clip test cables
  • MC4 measuring leads
Solar PV Test Equipment

Z200 PV Analyzer unboxing


Instrument specification

Inputs:PV+, PV- and GND. Shrouded banana 4 mm sockets (1 kV CAT III, 24A)
Voltage range:0-1000 V DC
Impedance measurements:100 Hz – 100 kHz
Ground isolation measurement:0 – 40 M Ω
Frequency accuracy:+/- 2 %
Frequency drift with temperature (0 – 35 Celsius):<0.1
Testing conditions:irradiation > 100 W/m2
Control:WiFi (operated via instrument homepage accessed with web browser)
Battery: 10Ah Lithium (6-8 hours of continuous operation)
Weight:4.5 kg
Dimensions: 335x289x155(mm) (HPRC 2300 case)