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Z200 PV Analyzer

The Z200 PV Analyzer was designed for photovoltaic troubleshooting, diagnostics and O&M applications. The analyzer comes with a range of testing features to help solving in-field problems. The Z200 PV Analyzer has an ideal combination of relatively low cost and very high O&M test functionality, thus making it an ideal choice solar energy field staff.

All testing features

  • Measure position of a single ground fault in a PV string (Riso < 3 MΩ)
  • Measure position of a single disconnect in PV strings (Rs > 10 kΩ)
  • PV string impedance curves (health and degradation check)
  • PV string series resistance Rs
  • PV string string open circuit voltage Voc
  • PV string string short circuit current Isc
  • PV system isolation resistance Riso
  • PV module voltage
  • PV module bypass diode check (open or short circuit)
  • PV module shunting resistance Rsh (module/cell degradation)
  • Integrated timer for periodic faults
  • Tone generator and tone tracer pickup
  • Build in report generator (PDF, CSV, JSON)
  • Operated over WiFi using either smartphone, tablet, PC or MAC

Directives and standards

  1. EN 61010-1:2010
  2. EN 61010-031:2002
  3. EN 61326-1:2013
  4. EN 61326-2-2:2013
  5. 2006/95/EC, Low Voltage Directive (LVD)
  6. 2004/108/EC, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
  7. 2011/65/EU, Hazardous Substances (RoHS)
  8. 2006/66/EC, Batteries and Accumulators (Battery)

Battery documentation

Auxiliary items and parts

We keep a stock of Z200 PV Analyzer accessories, and we also provide other parts relevant for solar PV technicians. Get in contact and let us know what you need.