Emazys is a Danish manufacturer of photovoltaic test equipment. We specialise in the design and production of cutting-edge instruments for troubleshooting and fault finding. With a focus on quality and innovation, emazys testers offers a wide range of features that help ensure the performance and reliability of solar power systems.

The company was founded in 2011 by Anders Rand Andersen as a spin out from his research in 3rd generation electrochemical solar cells.

The company name emazys is a contraction of the 3 words energy-material-systems, where systems is spelled with a z, to symbolise that we work a lot with impedance testing.

At the heart of emazys’ offerings is its range of ZXX instruments, which are used to accurately test the performance of solar panel assemblies and pinpoint electrical problems. These instruments are designed to quickly locate faults, allowing field staff and engineers to evaluate the condition of the solar assets and make any necessary adjustments to improve their efficiency and reliability.