EmaZys ApS is a Denmark based manufacturer of electrical solar test equipment. The instruments are designed for fast and convenient solar PV testing, and  troubleshooting. We believe in cost effective solar energy. The aim is to lower the total cost of energy, and to help our costumers to achieve the best possible return on investment. By using our accurate and reliable fault finding methods this can be achieved. Our newest product is the Z200 PV Analyzer. It offers many features and a strong and solution for fast solar PV fault troubleshooting. 

Company history highlights

  • EmaZys was founded in 2011 under the name EmaZys Technologies. The company was founded with the aim to develop impedance testing for commercial solar PV installations. The focus was on solar cell degradation. First patent application filed (WO 2012152284 A1)
  • EmaZys strives to secure freedom-to-operate and broad exclusivity in relevant regions with strong solar PV energy markets. During product and technology development, EmaZys has avoided infringement of other patents.
  • EmaZys’ instrument family is compatible with both String and Central inverter topologies, corresponding to 98 % of the installed capacity.
  • During the first years 2011-2017 EmaZys had a focus on R&D, and the company was owned by VC´s and the founder. Since early 2018 the company has been 100% owned by the original team and the founder, but in mid 2020 the fonder team started a collaboration with Reffo invest and TPC Management, to further scale the company.
  • Today EmaZys serves customers globally and support products users and partners in more than 20 countries.
  • We work closely with Converdan A/S and ETK EMS on sourcing, production and box build assembly. The activities at the EmaZys hq. mainly involves new developments, sales and technical support.

EmaZys hq. in Denmark

EmaZys hq. address
Kochsgade 31D
5000 Odense
VAT: 33591985

Technology presentation video

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